As Jailed MLB Pitcher Continues Stunning Comeback, His DUI Victim Speaks Out About ‘BS’ Remorse


A major league pitcher is preparing for his first full season in the bigs — 12 years after he was drafted No. 1 overall. Matt Bush is weeks away from taking the hill for the Texas Rangers after serving more than three years in jail on a drunk driving incident in which he permanently injured a motorcycist by running him over.

On this month’s episode of HBO’s Real Sports, which premieres Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, Bush’s victim, Anthony Tufano, speaks out — saying he does not believe the pitcher’s remorse.

In an interview with correspondent Andrea Kremer, Tufano described a letter Bush wrote him in dismissive terms.

“It was like he was sorry, and how he’s a better person, and all that,” Tufano said. “It was more like about himself. I thought it was BS.”

Bush contends that his contrition is sincere.

“I was reading the Bible a lot,” Bush said of his time in jail during which he reflected on his crime. “Praying. Praying a lot. Looking for strength and forgiveness. And just looking for a way to move forward and be at peace with my life.”

Despite his skepticism, Tufano has helped him somewhat in that regard. He has forgiven Bush for the crime, which left him severely injured with brain hemorrhaging, a fractured right cheekbone, vertebrae one through eight fractured, right clavicle fractured, both lungs bruised, and 12 broken ribs.

ANDREA KREMER: According to Matt Bush, your forgiveness gives him permission to do what he does.


Is that okay?

If it works for him, sure. It doesn’t work for my children. And what bothered me is that one person made my son and my daughters feel this way. Hateful towards a person

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