Azealia Banks Goes on Bizarro Tweetstorm About Placing a Witch’s Curse on Twitter’s CEO


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 1.05.53 PMApparently, whenever Azealia Banks isn’t taking shots at Sarah Palin and suggesting she be gang-raped, she threatens to put hexes on people.

The rapper took to Twitter Wednesday morning to claim that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey once asked her to tweet about his app in exchange for promoting her new mixtape. Where things go weird is when Banks claims that not only did Dorsey renege on the deal, but he gave her locks of his hair to, I guess, grant him magic powers to protect against the forces of evil.

Now, not only is Banks threatening to destroy the amulet and supposedly endanger Dorsey’s life, but now she’s been prompted by a fan to proclaim herself a witch.

And from there…amazingly…things got even weirder.


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