Beck Boasts of Mystery ‘High-Level’ Republican Telling Him to Keep Slamming GOP

Glenn Beck today said he received a mysterious phone call from a “high-level” Republican who told him to keep fighting the good fight against the “progressive” Republicans hurting their party.

For a while now, Beck has been going off on “progressive Republicans” and how they’re destroying the party and hurting the nation along with the Democrats. And the worst part, he said today, is the Republicans who will “never admit they have progressives in their midst.”

He then brought up this mysterious phone call, insisting there were “big names involved, huge names.” And this apparently high-profile Republican, whose identity Beck would not divulge, told him to “continue to put the heat on because the party is split” and many of them want Beck to keep going.

Beck kept teasing about the mystery of it all, saying he was “shocked at how high-level this was” and was “encouraged by who it came from.” He then read off a list of ten Republican senators (and progressives) he says conservatives should target.

What do those ten have in common? They voted to confirm Loretta Lynch.

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

[image via screengrab]

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