Bernie Sanders Praises Jeff Bezos for Amazon Minimum Wage Hike: He’s ‘Leading the Way’


As Amazon and Whole Foods undergo a minimum wage hike to $15, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) praised Jeff Bezos for the change, hoping it would push other major corporations to do the same.

Responding to the new policy Tuesday, Sanders said Bezos’ previous wages for workers “were so low that many of them were forced to go on food stamps, Medicaid, subsidized housing and other governmental programs.”

However, the senator gave him props for “doing exactly the right thing” in upping pay rates.

“What Mr. Bezos has done today is not only enormously important for Amazon’s hundreds of thousands of employees, it could well be — and I think it will be — a shot heard around the world,” he said. “Mr. Bezos and Amazon are now leading the way.”

Sanders also tweeted out his support for Bezos, receiving a message of gratitude back from the CEO.

It’s a serious shift away from the strained relationship between the two, as Sanders has previously bashed Amazon for its working conditions, the company claiming his portrayal of its treatment of employees was “inaccurate and misleading.”

Now, Sanders appears to have a newfound appreciation for Bezos, who has implemented one of the senator’s top platforms.

Watch the clip above via Sanders’ Facebook page.

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