Big Bernie Backer Cenk Uygur Calls on Bernie Sanders to Suspend His Campaign


The six primary contests on Tuesday loomed large in the Democratic nomination fight, so much so that even Bernie Sanders‘ highest-profile media backer urged him to drop out if Sanders failed to miraculously overtake Hillary Clinton‘s pledged delegate lead. The Young TurksCenk Uygur, who has long said that the candidate with the most pledged delegates should be the Democratic nominee, urged Sanders on Tuesday to suspend his campaign following the California primary:

Uygur urged Bernie to frame his suspension as “I’m not going to continue to run against Hillary Clinton because there aren’t any elections left other than the superdelegate election at the convention. So for the moment being, I am suspending the campaign,” with an option to reenter if something like an FBI indictment happened.

Obviously, Sanders took a hard pass on that advice, but to his credit, Uygur continued to recognize that Hillary Clinton has won even after Bernie’s late-night speech, but then also criticized the media and “the establishment” for expecting Bernie to recognize it as well:

News outlets have done a lousy job of explaining the title of “presumptive nominee” by using soft words like “customarily,” but the fact is that once a candidate has clinched the number of delegates needed to secure a party’s nomination, failing to report that would be like failing to report on a baseball team clinching the championship because there are still more games to play, and you never know of the whole team might get thrown in prison. It’s not some matter of opinion that’s being forced on America, it’s a fact: Hillary Clinton has clinched the nomination.

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