Bill Kristol And Laura Ingraham To Potential GOP Presidential Candidates: Run Now Or Never


Conservative commentator Bill Kristol appeared on Laura Ingraham‘s radio show and the two were in complete agreement that any viable Republican should run for President in 2012 and not even consider waiting another four years when their political chances to win might be better. Kristol and Ingraham were so adamant that America needs a Republican to win in 2012 that they threatened considering never to support certain candidates again if they’re too cautious about running this time around.

Ingraham’s warning:

“If you agree that the country is sliding into an abyss and you have the ability to run a strong campaign, and yet you stand on the sidelines as if you’re pretending you’re on the injured reserve list, then I say don’t ever run, because this is the go-to election.”

And Kristol backed her up:

“I’m getting a little tired of these quotes from [Mike] Huckabee, [John] Thune, and [Jeb] Bush and everyone about how tough Obama is going to be and they think maybe they prefer to do it four years from now, and you know, I don’t think they ask our soldiers and Marines whether they prefer to deploy two years from now or this month to Afghanistan and this is really kind of important for the country.”

Given that potentially strong candidates like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Congressman Paul Ryan are both relatively young and could benefit from additional experience before they mount any national campaign, maybe they should be spared the condemnation of Ingraham and Kristol? However, for any other experienced Republican, the message from Ingraham and Kristol seems to be loud and clear: run now or never.

Listen to the clip below from The Laura Ingraham Show:

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