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Bill O’Reilly Defends Against Critics Of Fox News Coverage Of Haiti

The situation in Haiti has had an interesting effect on US cable news programming: the opinion-based programming that typically dominates the ratings suddenly feels less significant with video of bleeding children trapped under rubble are getting broadcast. As such, the past week has seen more news than opinion on most news outlets. But the partisan detractors have not taken a break, and predictably, Fox News has received criticism for its coverage in Haiti. Last night, Bill O’Reilly pushed back.

While Fox News hasn’t had as comprehensive coverage in Haiti as CNN, they have had just as stellar reportage, led by reporter Steve Harrigan, who has been on the scene from the earliest moments. Harrigan’s approach has been one of dispassionate professionalism, a welcome and stark difference from the approach from others.

And on the rare occasions where opinions have seeped into the news coverage (as when Shepard Smith criticized Pat Robertson‘s blaming the earthquake on Haitian’s “pact to the devil,” it has been a welcome and refreshing take.

Transcript of his comments are after the video:

The far left trying to say that fox news doesn’t care about Haiti, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Writing in the Los Angeles Times fox news hater James rainy says “CNN does it right in Haiti but Fox drops the ball. O’Reilly even devoted the first quarter of his hour long program to the quake, focusing mostly on his concerns that us aid will be lost if it can’t be kept away from thugs and Haiti’s corrupt leaders .””

Well, yeah, and those are the Obama administration concerns as well, Jim, as we heard from Secretary of State Clinton. for you far left guys no, honest reportage is acceptable.

Another committed leftist Peter Beinart picked the up the criticism writing on the net “it wasn’t just that Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck largely ignored the earthquake. They implicitly explained why they were ignoring it because they didn’t believe an aggressive Washington response would do any good .”

I can’t speak for the other guys about Beinart’s lying about me, as I clearly stated I support the Obama administration largess on our behalf, and I personally donated a lot of money to the Haitian Health foundation over the years. Just today, I made another significant donation.

Beinart, an intellectually dishonest man, based his assessment on out of context quotes spit out there by Media Matters, our old pals, the radical left whacked out website in business to smear anyone who isnt far left. Checks thinks its disgraceful for the kool-aid drinkers to exploit the suffering in Haiti by attacking their political rivals. It is hateful and demonstrates how low these people are.

One final note. last week the Factor at 8:00 p.m. destroyed CNN and MSNBC in the ratings we tripled them in audience. Once again, the folks know who is telling the truth and folks have made the call. by the way, Fox News our coverage on Haiti has been terrific. Our correspondents have been great.

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