Bill O’Reilly Once Wrote a Novel About a TV Newsman Who Killed People After Being Fired


Hey, did you know that recently canned Fox News superstar Bill O’Reilly once wrote a novel? And did you know that in that 1998 book, Those Who Trespass, he described a TV journalist who ends up getting fired from his job and goes on a killing spree?

Yep, and not only did O’Reilly write a book containing that eerily disturbing narrative, he also dedicated his opus to “the women in his life.”

During Thursday night’s broadcast of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert — who owes much of his career to mocking O’Reilly — gave his audience a taste of what the book had to offer with the following excerpt:

“His career was the source of his feelings of omnipotence and grandiosity. His job gave him daily ego gratification and excitement. It reinforced his opinion that he was a very special human being. He got the attention he craved, the admiration of thousands. Being on TV was like a drug to him, and when it was taken away from him he had to find a substitute drug: planning and carrying out the executions of those people who had humiliated him.”

The comedian wanted it to be known that he wasn’t making any of that up and that the book perhaps provided a (scary) look into what the future may hold for the ex-Fox host.

In a recent review of the book, The New Yorker’s Jia Tolentino described is as “not a bad potboiler,” pointing out it has some “legitimately, if perhaps unintentionally, comical moments.” At the same time, she writes that it’s “impossible to take in the steady stream of coldly rendered violence in O’Reilly’s novel without remembering his daughter’s court testimony that he choked his ex-wife and dragged her down the stairs by the neck.”

Watch the Colbert clip above, via CBS.

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