Breitbart Man Calls For ‘National Conversation’ About Use of N-Word After Hearing Rap Song in Gym


You know when something’s so brainless you can’t tell whether it’s trolling or legitimate?

Enter Breitbart’s Joel Pollak claiming on Twitter Wednesday that it may be high time to have a “national conversation” about the use of the n-word because a “terrific black guy” who owns the local boxing gym was playing a lot of hip-hop music which used the word “literally every two seconds.” Can’t make this up, folks.

Nothing says pathetic quite like a white guy going on the Internet and actually writing out the sentiment: Hey there’s this really great black guy I know who plays music with the n-word in it. Let’s maybe think about white people being able to say the n-word again. If it’s trolling, it’s grade A. If it’s not, it’s almost beyond censure.

Either way, Twitter didn’t let him off the hook, of course:

[image via screengrab]

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