Breitbart Torn Apart For Tweet Suggesting Muslims Will End the Super Bowl: ‘We Get It You Guys Are Racist’


The far-right website Breitbart News celebrated the Super Bowl this year by posting a racist tweet suggesting white culture in the US will eventually be replaced with Muslim culture — echoing an alt-right belief known as “white genocide.”

The brainchild of the late Andrew Breitbart posted the following tweet linking to a report on the NFL’s ratings this season:

The tweet is an anti-Muslim rendition of a popular meme in which a theoretical grandfather explains life in present day to a curious grandchild. In Breitbart‘s case, a Muslim grandfather is presumably talking to his son after the current population in America has been replaced by immigrants from the Middle East.

This form of racism is relatively common at the site, which has featured a “black crime” tag, been named the “platform for the alt-right” by former Breitbart executive Steve Bannon, and even exposed by BuzzFeed News for trying to promote white supremacist beliefs.

Breitbart was quickly savaged on Twitter for the racist post, as people viciously mocked the tweet and even took aim at the website’s late founder.

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