CBS Anchor Who Defended Pizzagate Conspiracy Has Shut Down Website, Social Media Accounts

ben-swann-pizzagateedited-650x365Ben Swann, the evening anchor at CBS46, has apparently taken down his ‘Truth in Media’ website and social media accounts in the wake of his news segment in which he defended the Pizzagate conspiracy theory and said that it needed to be investigated.

Swann’s segment went viral as it viewed around a million times on his Facebook page alone. In his story for the Atlanta-based news station, Swann attempted to connect some dots to justify the conspiracy theory surrounding a DC pizza joint and a supposed child sex ring run by Democrats, claiming in the end that law enforcement should do further investigation to make sure there was nothing there.

Considering the widespread attention that segment got, especially in the alt-right sphere, and the fact that the story had nothing to do with Atlanta, it seems as if Swann was given a missive by the station that he needed to delete his website and social media accounts if he wanted to come back, as he was placed on hiatus after the segment.

Prior to returning to the air on Monday, Swann posted this image on his Facebook page — which had over 427,000 followers — along with the message that he’d be back on television and there will be changes.


He also deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He had over 75,000 Twitter followers when he took it down. The Truth in Media website, which he had active since 2012 and he’d been running while working for CBS46, is now locked from public view. The site was dedicated to questioning the mainstream media’s coverage of certain topics and issues.

Swann had been using his ‘Reality Check’ segments on CBS46 to delve into controversial subjects he felt needed to have more attention placed on them, especially when it came to providing different angles. It is unlcear at this time if the station will allow him to continue hosting the segments.

Prior to becoming an anchor at the Atlanta station, he had worked for Russia Today.

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