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China Officially Wants Spoilers for Next Season of House of Cards

After Russia denied a request from the makers of House of Cards to film scenes in the chambers of the United Nations Security Council, China added their dissent — and also a request to see some scripts from the show’s upcoming third season. You know. To, uh, help with the show’s accurate depiction of Chinese politics. (And maybe to see what’s going on with Frank Underwood [SPOILERING] the [SPOILER] of the [SPOILER.])

The Wall Street Journal reports that the UN’s Chinese diplomats want “a rough idea on scripts for those episodes which are relating to our work,” and formally requested that they get final approval over any House of Cards scripts related to the People’s Republic.

Surprisingly, the show, which stars Kevin Spacey as a devious politician willing to [SPOILER] his way to power, is enormously popular in China — not just for its accurate and nuanced portrayal of China-US relations, but also for its ability to be co-opted into a Communist talking point about the moral decay of American politicians.

Still, it’s one of the most popular shows in the country, averaging 23.5 million views per season, a number expected to rise when its network adds Chinese subtitles, and also when they see Claire Underwood [SPOILER] with her [SPOILER] and [SPOILER.]

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