Chris Christie Offers Advice To Child Running For Sixth Grade Student Council

Here’s something cute. During a town hall meeting in Union, New Jersey, Chris Christie was taking questions and received an interesting one from sixth grader Zack Martini. Martini is running for student council and wanted some campaign advice from the Governor which Christie was happy to give.

Man, Christie gets along so well with kids. It makes sense though. I mean, he can relate to them. After all, they both hate teachers.

Kidding! Kidding!

Anyway, over at The Ticket, they’ve got a rundown of Christie’s advice:

“1) Get a group of friends to tell other people they’re supporting you.
2) Ask people for their vote. Don’t tell them to vote for you. ‘That’s powerful when you do that.’
3) Have colorful posters. If the rules don’t allow that, Christie said, “hang them up until they tell you to take them down.”
4) Don’t make promises you can’t keep. ‘If you do, they won’t be voting for you in seventh grade.'”

It all makes sense and the video is lovely. Still, those of us in the know can’t help but think this is just another step in Christie’s campaign to appease our future child overlords.

Oh well, it’s all still good advice. Watch the clip below:

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