Christie Won’t Rebuke Trump, Says Any Criticism of Gold Star Families ‘Not Appropriate’


In what is being reported as a break from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie weighed in on the feud between Trump and the family of the late Captain Humayun Khan, a Muslim soldier who was killed in Iraq, and whose father Khizr Khan delivered an impassioned denunciation of Trump’s anti-Muslim policy proposals at the Democratic National convention. Although Politico (for example) is reporting that Christie “calls Trump criticism of the Khans ‘inappropriate’,” that’s not exactly what happened.

At a press conference in Trenton Tuesday, Christie was asked if he agrees with Trump that Mr. Khan “had no right” to speak as he did, and Christie spent about two minutes getting around to saying that any criticism of any Gold Star family is “not appropriate,” and that he, personally, would “not participate in it”:

You’re not going to find me being critical of Mr. and Mrs. Khan, even if I may disagree with any one particular statement that they might make. It’s just inappropriate, in this context, to be criticizing them, and I’m not going to participate in that.

In fact, Christie was asked two more times to specifically address Trump, and refused:

Politico elected to paraphrase Christie in their write-up of his remarks, making it seem as though Christie had rebuked Trump:

In an unusual break with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Gov. Chris Christie said that Khizr and Ghazala Khan have the “right” to say whatever they want, and that criticism of them is “inappropriate.”

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