Christian Radio Host Predicts: ‘There Will Be Blood’ And ‘Civil Unrest’ If Obama Loses Election

On his Wednesday afternoon radio program, evangelical radio host (and outspoken anti-gay activist) Bryan Fischer expressed his theory that if Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney defeats President Barack Obama in next week’s election, there will be widespread mobs with looting and bloodshed.

The reports of looting in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Fischer said, are “just a preview of what’s going to happen if President Obama loses the election.”

The American Family Association radio host then gazed into his figurative political crystal ball: “I predict there’s going to be civil unrest. We’ll get a lot of these flash mob burglaries.”

Fischer added that in the wake of an electoral defeat, Obama’s supporters will likely say, “‘President Romney’s going to take away our lollipops. We’re entitled to it. We’re just going to go get it. The election’s been stolen from us. What is ours by right has been taken from us by the dastardly Republicans.”

He warned: “There will be blood.”

Watch below from AFA radio, via Right Wing Watch:

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