‘Chum is in the Water’: Bloomberg Writer Says Washington ‘Swamp’ Wants ‘To Destroy Donald Trump’


This morning, Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake was complimented on Twitter by President Donald Trump over his recent piece titled ‘The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn.’ Apparently, even though Lake was critical of the Trump administration and Flynn in his piece, the president really liked Lake’s concern over the intelligence community getting involved in politics.

Following this public acknowledgment by the president, Lake appeared on CNN this afternoon to discuss his column, explaining that while there are a lot of legitimate concerns about Russian interference in American elections, it could be even more disturbing that intelligence agencies can use anonymous leaks to knockout a sitting national security adviser in less than a month.

“I guess to use a word that’s sort of gaining a lot of traction today my hope is that that is not normalized in our country because I believe that is a kind of police state tactic where you do not have an opportunity to confront your accusers,” he added.

After former CIA senior analyst John Nixon noted that leaks from the intelligence community aren’t usually based on personal vendettas, Lake explained that he was a “proponent of leaks” but felt it “crossing a line” where monitoring communications of American citizens is concerned.

After questioning some of the allegations brought up in recent reports surrounding Flynn that led to his ouster, he finished by stating that Flynn is just the “appetizer.”

“I think as a general rule, not just Democrats but I think… I do think a lot of permanent Washington — the swamp for lack of better word, and I’m part of that swamp — wants to destroy Donald Trump,” he remarked.

“Chum is in the water,” Lake concluded.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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