Clinton Mocks Allen West Calling Democratic Representatives Communists: ‘This Isn’t The 1950s’

Former President Bill Clinton mocked Rep. Allen West (R-FL) at a fundraising event for President Barack Obama on Monday night. Clinton mocked West’s claim that House Democrats were communists – he said that “this isn’t the 1950s” and “no one has seen a communist in over a decade.”

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Clinton praised the work that Obama has accomplished in his first term in office and said that he’s had to accomplish the reforms he has instituted amid significant adversity. “He’s had to get all this done while people as recently as last week were still saying he wasn’t born in America,” said Clinton.

Clinton continued by targeting House Republicans, singling out Rep. West who he described as one of the “tea party members.” Clinton became animated when he highlighted Rep. West’s comments where he implied that the House Progressive Caucus were communists.

“This is not the 1950s,” said Clinton. “At least Joe McCarthy could skate on the fact that there was one or two living communists walking around. Nobody’s seen a communist in over a decade.”

Clinton concluded saying that “no criticism [of President Obama by Republicans] was too vicious and too fact-free.”

Watch Clinton’s speech below:

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