CNN Correspondent: Antipathy Towards Media ‘Stronger Than I Have Ever Felt Before’


Appearing on Reliable Sources today, CNN senior international corespondent Clarissa Ward spoke to host Brian Stelter about the current media environment we find ourselves in and how much animosity and hatred the public holds towards the mainstream media.

“There’s a deep antipathy towards mainstream media at the moment,” Ward told Stelter. “And it’s stronger than I have ever felt it before.”

She went on to note that many see reporters and correspondents such as herself as “part of the problem,” and it thus makes the job difficult when trying to speak to someone in “good faith” only to be confronted with hostility. She further explained the amount of online abuse she receives every time she appears on TV.

Ward also spoke about how hard it was for her, as someone who has spent a lot of time traveling and reporting on serious international issues, to deal with “narratives that don’t seem to be based in facts.” Stating that much of the media narratives are based on emotion and “guttural responses,” she explained that it makes it difficult to provide nuanced responses.

Throughout the campaign and since winning the election, President-elect Donald Trump has consistently attacked the mainstream media. Besides directing criticism at specific reporters, opening them up to abuse from followers, Trump has recently ridiculed CNN and NBC News over the way they’ve covered the Russian hacking story.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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