CNN Highlights Anti-Israel Tweets During Rick Sanchez Show

CNN’s Rick Sanchez was an early Twitter adapter, and his new show Rick’s List is based around the growing social media platform.

But yesterday’s program highlighted the danger of Twitter unfiltered – some questionable anti-Israel tweets were highlighted in the lower third during a segment about the conflict in the Middle East.

Politico’s Ben Smith has the story (and the video, embedded below) of the segment and questionable tweets. They ranged from “Israel is greedy” to “Israel is boss and USA, simply an obedient servant? Jewish lobby runs America.”

While Rick’s “lists” use Sanchez’ Twitter lists to highlight “experts” in their field (for example, “mid-east” or “education”) there are also the generic Twitter segments where anyone can participate. And with the crowd-sourced tweets gracing the bottom of the screen, CNN can occasional run into some dicey territory. Of course, some would find even these tweets completely legitimate – they’re pointed and represent one side of the argument, but besides appearing in a news segment about Israel they simply show one person’s opinion.

This isn’t the first time audience participation in the program has ranged into the potentially offensive, with a voicemail segment featuring an anti-Arab call.

Sanchez apologized recently on-air for his Hawaii tsunami (non-tsunami) coverage – will he address this on air?

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