CNN Legal Analyst Hammers ‘Outrageous’ Colbert: ‘He’s Abused His Responsibility to the Public’


One of the biggest hot-button issues in the media universe over the past few days has been late-night host Stephen Colbert’s jokes about President Donald Trump, specifically one in which he said Trump’s mouth is “Vladimir Putin’s c*ck-holster.” Outside of all the criticism Colbert has received from the pundit class, he is now being looked at by the FCC for any potential violations.

During a panel discussion earlier today, CNN legal analyst Paul Callan made his feelings clear about what he thinks should happen to Colbert. He wants the comedian fired from his lucrative hosting gig.

“I think it’s outrageous,” he told host Fredricka Whitfield regarding the reasons why he wants Colbert gone. “The level of obscenity, the crudity, the vulgarity of the language that he used is just beyond the pale.”

Noting that he doesn’t feel this way due to the personal attack on Trump since presidents are always the butt of jokes, Callan explained that it more has to do with the obscene level Colbert took it to.

“It was so beyond the pale that I don’t think he belongs in that seat, the CBS perch that he’s in,” he stated. “It’s too important, and he’s abused his responsibility to the public.”

After senior media correspondent Brian Stelter weighed in, stating that it was fine for a corporation to get rid of an employee over comments but we don’t want to see the government make that decision, Callan agreed with him.

“This is a business decision being made by CBS about who should be heading up that show and whether, you know, he should accord a certain amount of respect to the institution of the presidency,” Callan said. “But it’s not an FCC decision.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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