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CNN Reporter Allegedly ‘Outraged’ Over Criticism Of Steubenville Rape Trial Coverage

CNN has to date not issued any official statement over the criticism of its coverage of the verdict in the Steubenville rape trial, but the reporter involved is reportedly unhappy with the criticism. CNN’s Poppy Harlow, who reported on the case to Candy Crowley this past Sunday is “outraged,” according to what two CNN insiders told The Wrap, at the insinuation that she was being an apologist for convicted rapists.

Both Harlow and Crowley were fiercely criticized for appearing to sympathize with the rapists by expressing how their lives have been ruined by the conviction. A petition on to get CNN to apologize has already garnered over 250,000 signatures.

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No one from CNN has made an official statement yet, nor have Crowley and Harlow said anything yet, but Sharon Waxman at highlighted this information given to her from anonymous sources at the network.

[T]wo insiders at CNN exclusively told TheWrap that the controversy had hit reporter Poppy Harlow, covering the events in Steubenville, particularly hard.

“Poppy is taking this extremely personally as a woman,” said one executive. “She’s outraged that someone would think she’d do such a thing” as slant her coverage toward rapists. “It’s gotten so out of control.”

For reference, here is the segment as it aired on CNN on Sunday:


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