CNN’s Cuomo Slams Scarborough on Twitter: ‘Hypocrisy at Highest Level’


After MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough complained Thursday that CNN was too accommodating of Donald Trump and reliant on him for ratings, his timeslot rival Chris Cuomo took to Twitter to accuse Scarborough of Trump favoritism and hypocrisy.

The New Day host’s mini-rant began when a Twitter follower said that Scarborough denounced those who support Trump’s proposed Muslim ban. Cuomo was understandably skeptical.

When a follower provided video evidence that the MSNBC host did denounce Trump, Cuomo “defended” him, saying that was impossible because Scaborough was a friend and booster of Trump. “Joe is a [politician] not a [journalist] after all,” he snarked.

When Cuomo was asked specifically about Scarborough’s accusations about CNN, he flat-out called him a hypocrite.

Cuomo has taken veiled shots at Morning Joe‘s treatment of Trump before. “This morning he’s going on with friends and making sure that he can clean up and reclassify anything that he doesn’t like about how the interview went yesterday,” Cuomo said after interviewing Trump in August. That morning, Trump was on with Morning Joe.

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