CNN’s Jim Acosta Says Rally Goer Made a Throat Slitting Motion at Him: ‘Trump Effect’ Has ‘Sanitized Nastiness’


CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta is painting a bleak portrait of what goes on off-camera at a President Donald Trump rally.

Speaking at CNN’s Citizen forum on Monday in Washington, the reporter was asked by moderator Wolf Blitzer to describe the scene at the presidential rallies.

“If you want to ask what makes me the most depressed about my job, it’s covering the rallies,” Acosta said. He added, “At rally, after rally, after rally, having the President of the United States whip people into a frenzy and attack the press, to me, is the most depressing thing I’ve ever witnessed as a journalist.”

Acosta recalled an incident from last Thursday’s event in Montana — at which Trump praised Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) for body slamming a reporter.

“I remember looking over to the supporters in the crowd, and there was one guy, one young man, who was doing these body slam moves. And he and his buddies were all getting a good laugh out of it. And then he looked at me, he goes like this,” Acosta said — making a throat slashing motion. “Like, ‘I’m gonna cut your throat.'”

The CNN correspondent subsequently Tweeted about the incident:

“To me, that’s the Trump effect on America,” Acosta said, of the rally goers’ brazen conduct. “It has normalized and sanitized nastiness and cruelty in a way that I just never thought I would see before.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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