Conan Skewers Trump’s Transition Team in Political Edition of ‘Celebrity Survey’ Segment

Fans of Conan O’Brien will be able to easily recall that the late night host has, for many years, done a fan-favorite desk segment known as “Celebrity Survey,” a fake compilation of questionnaires “filled out” by big names. It was a recurring segment of Conan’s back when he was the Late Night host at NBC, and still a staple of his show on TBS.

While it’s true that out of the league of late night contenders Conan largely remains apolitical, that didn’t stop ConeBone from issuing a special Trump Transition Team version of the hit segment.

One of the main questions “presented” to celebrities in the desk bit was “As president, I made sure my cabinet was full of…”

Conan began, “Bill Clinton said ‘experts in their chosen field.’ Barack Obama said ‘advisers I trusted to tell me when I’m wrong.'” And as for the third beat?

Donald Trump said, ‘people who were alive and said yes.'”

Vice President-elect Mike Pence also earned a bit of mocking rebuke from the TBS late night host as well to eh survey “question”: “When I want to feel better I watch…”

And how did the Indiana Governor and soon-to-be-VP respond?

“…the life slowly drain out of a small bird’s eyes.” Watch above via Team Coco/TBS for a few other good survey questions, including some to ousted TODAY Show anchor Billy Bush and SteveRobert Redford with a shellfish allergy” Bannon.

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