Coulter Thanks Bill Maher, Chris Matthews for Opposing Censorship from ‘Thuggish Institution Like Berkeley’



Ann Coulter‘s speech at Berkeley has been cancelled, and Coulter took to Twitter to tear into the “thugs” who pressured the university to “snuff out the cherished American right to free speech.”

She confirmed earlier today that her speech has been canceled, lamenting what a sad day it is for free speech when people can make threats to silence voices of those they disagree with.

She expanded upon this on Twitter:

But Coulter also thanked Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, and Margaret Carlson for speaking up in her defense:

You’ve probably heard about what Maher and Matthews said in Coulter’s defense, but Carlson––a Bloomberg View columnist––was part of Matthews’ segment on Coulter and Berkeley last week, and not only did she say that Coulter is “no Milo Yiannopoulos,” but she also said “these kids today feel like they’re flowers who will wilt.”

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