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Creationist Fires Back at ‘Messed-Up’ Bill Maher, Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Creationist Ken Ham recently said he doesn’t believe in aliens but if they did exist there’s no point in NASA looking for them because “only the descendants of Adam can be saved.” Ham’s remarks invited derision all over the place, including from Bill Maher and Neil DeGrasse Tyson on last week’s Real Time.

Maher just laughed at Ham’s comments, and Tyson said, “That’s messed up.”

Ham appeared on Ray Comfort‘s online show this week to address the attention he got for those out-of-those-world remarks. Ham insists he doesn’t think aliens are going to hell, he just believes aliens do not exist, and therefore NASA searching for them is a waste of time.

He explained, “Jesus didn’t become a God Klingon, he became a God man.”

And as for Maher’s commentary, Ham responded, “I’ll tell you who’s messed up, Bill Maher and these atheists.”

Watch the clip below:

And you can watch Maher and Tyson laughing at Ham here, via HBO:


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