Daily News Runs Cover of Trump As Angry Judge : ‘We Are F*#%’D’


In the wake of Justice Anthony Kennedy‘s retirement from the bench, The New York Daily News – known for its incendiary front covers – is running a Thursday cover depicting President Donald Trump as a judge with the caption: “We Are F*#%’D.”

On the cover, the Daily News imagines Trump as an angry barrister with a gavel, indicating that the Supreme Court will become a body of his own design, dominated by reliably conservative judges who will vote according to what he plans to accomplish during his presidency.

News of Kennedy’s retirement swept over liberals like a wave of misery Wednesday, leaving many to worry about the fate of a Court with a decidedly conservative majority. Democrats looked to invoke the so-called “McConnell Rule” to not vote on a Supreme Court nominee in an election year, but Mitch McConnell is looking to vote on a nominee in the fall.

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