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Dem Senator Ed Markey: Trump Not Frightening North Koreans With Tough Talk, Just Americans

The way one Democratic lawmaker sees it, President Donald Trump’s provocative “fire and fury” rant directed at North Korea is actually scaring Americans rather than making the North Koreans shake in their boots.

Appearing on CNN’s Situation Room this afternoon, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) reacted not only to Trump’s rhetoric, but also to the comments made by Defense Secretary James Mattis earlier today in which Mattis mentioned the “destruction of the people of North Korea.”

“This is the kind of language that could be completely misinterpreted by the leaders of North Korea, that could wind up with an accidental conflict that could ultimately wind up with the deaths of hundreds of thousands or millions of people including Americans along the demilitarized zone,” Markey noted, after comparing Mattis to the general in Dr. Strangelove.

Host Wolf Blitzer brought up North Korea’s most recent statement about taking action against the United States in the coming days — asking Markey if they have crossed the red line Trump made with his remarks.

“When the president says that they should not take any additional action, you know who he’s been frightening?” Markey rhetorically asked. “He’s been frightening the American people. He’s been frightening Asian nations who believe that a conflict could imminently be breaking out. It’s clear that he’s not frightening the North Koreans.”

Markey added, “There is no military solution to this problem that does not result in catastrophe.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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