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Day After Clyburn ‘Raping’ Comment, Fox News’ Father Morris Drops The R-Bomb

Day After Clyburn 'Raping' Comment, Fox's Father Morris Drops The R-Bomb

One day after Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) got into some heat for telling MSNBC that presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s tenure with private equity firm Bain Capital consisted of “raping companies,” Fox News analyst and Catholic priest Father Jonathan Morris wrote that the Obama administration’s contraception mandate constitutes an “obvious raping of our First Amendment rights.”

Clyburn’s comments prompted the Obama campaign to denounce the use of “rape” as having “no place in this conversation.”

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One would think that using rape as a descriptor for any policy is now officially taboo. But, alas, the morning after Clyburn’s comments, Father Morris wrote in a statement for Media Research Center:

Any national media outlet that fails to report the obvious raping of our First Amendment rights by this Health and Human Service mandate, is trumpeting either woeful incompetence or shameless bias. The Catholic Church didn’t pick this fight, but it knew that if it didn’t fight back now, every religion would eventually lose, and America would be fundamentally redefined.

It’s unclear whether Morris actually authored those words before or after Clyburn’s controversial comments. But, either way, can we all call truce on using overwrought, loaded terms like “rape” when describing anything we disagree with?

(H/T Faith in Public Life)

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