Dem Candidate on Opponent: I’d Like to ‘Put His Butt in That Electric Chair’

Little-known candidate Charlie Brown (yep, that’s his name) won the Democratic primary to take on incumbent Tennessee governor Bill Haslam (R) in this year’s gubernatorial race. And in an interview with Mother Jones, Brown got remarkably candid on not just what he thinks of Haslam, but what he’d like to do with him. (It involves an electric chair.)

Brown touts issues like teacher tenure and raising highway speed limits to 80 mph “because everyone does anyway.” He also believes very strongly in “put[ting] the Bible back in school.”

But of his opponent, Governor Haslam, all Brown had to say was, “I’d still like to put his butt in that electric chair and turn it on about half throttle and let him smell a little bit. You can print that if you want to.”

Or, failing that, he could just hold out a football for the governor to kick and then move it out of the way at the last sec… oh wait, that was Lucy who did that.

[image via Florida Department of Corrections/Doug Smith]

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