Dem Senator: Don Jr. Has ‘Lied Openly and Repeatedly,’ And Nobody Should Believe Him


On Thursday Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy took the stage on Morning Joe to weigh in on the Donald Trump Jr. imbroglio.

For those not regularly reading Mediate, the younger Trump found himself in hot water earlier this week when he released emails showing he attempted to collude with the Russian government to undermine Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.

On set, Murphy got off to a fiery start, calling for the immediate dismissal of Presidential counsellor/son-in-law/secretary of everything Jared Kosher — er, Kushner.

Mika got things going by asking whether Kushner should still have high level security clearance.

“The bigger question is Why Jared Kushner still has a job,” quipped Murphy. “Either Jared Kushner didn’t tell his superiors, didn’t tell his boss, the President of the United States, that he had this meeting and if that’s the case he’s subject to the same problem hat got Michael Flynn fired … The other option though is that he did tell people that he had this meeting that he changed his disclosure forms and the White House, the president on down to his spokesmen continued to lie.”

New York Time’s reporter and show regular Jeremy Peters then moved on to Trump Jr., asking whether Murphy believes his assertion that President Trump was never made aware of the meetings.

Murphy again pulled no punches.

“It strains credibility to believe that Donald Trump didn’t know about this meeting given the fact that some of his closest advisers and family members were inside that meeting,” he said. “There is no reason that we should believe the story that Donald Trump Jr. is telling today. He lied openly and repeatedly about his contacts with the Russian government. I am not sure why today we are willing to believe the story he is currently telling.”

“A lot of conservative writers and commentators are saying the exact same thing,” added the former Republican Joe Scarborough.

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