Departing View Host Jedediah Bila Defends Sean Spicer: ‘Your Job is to Lie’


It wouldn’t be right, in our judgment, for us to withhold a scorching hot take from Jededila Bila simply because it’s her final day on The View. Thus, we feel compelled to share this inexplicable defense of former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

During a discussion about Spicer’s Emmy cameo, Bila — who shockingly announced minutes earlier that Monday’s View broadcast would be her last — thought that the criticism from progressives in news and entertainment was unjustified.

“I think Hollywood and the media need to lighten up,” Bila said. “This guy had a sense of humor. His job as press secretary is –”

“To lie,” Joy Behar said, interjecting.

Bila did not disagree.

“Your job is to lie,” she said. “That’s your job. If the president says something, you have to defend them.”

Fellow panelist Sunny Hostin took issue with Bila’s job description.

“Your job is to give the truth,” Hostin said. “To tell the truth to the American people.”

We, of course, do not dispute that numerous press secretaries other than Sean Spicer have uttered falsehoods in the White House briefing room. But for Bila to say that the job is to lie seems patently ridiculous.

All that said, many thanks for the hot takes, Jedediah. You will be missed.

Watch above, via ABC.

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