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Despite Nearly A Million Followers @AndersonCooper Only Just Learned How To Work Twitter

CNN’s Anderson Cooper may know a great Cuban restaurant in Zaire, but he’s not exactly a tech guy. Take, for instance, Twitter. The silver-haired AC 360 anchor has amassed a following of nearly a million people on Twitter, and he uses the social media platform to send out off-camera observations on assignment (perhaps, most notably, his first public mention of having been punched by an angry mob in Cairo) and the occasional tease for his show and others (Only ten minutes till charlie sheen goes live with @piersmorgan. Gotta see this! Grab the popcorn!).

Cooper’s found a way to keep Kathy Griffin from dropping f-bombs on New Year’s Eve, but he’s never mastered Twitter–at least, not in the sense of, if someone sends you a comment, do you know how to respond?

Last night, he confessed, no, he did not. After promising viewers he’d be “live-tweeting” during commercial breaks in AC 360, Cooper took to Twitter to plead Twignorance:

And, Twitter–or a CNN fast-deploy tech team–came to Cooper’s rescue. See that? Click on that. Okay, you’re good to go.

Don’t you kinda love him even more now?

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