Report: Bomb Found On UPS Plane From Yemen, Suggests Larger Attack

Two suspicious packages have been found on separate UPS planes in Newark and Philadelphia airports. Both airplanes are currently quarantined, but reports are already suggesting that this may be part of a much larger and coordinated International attack. ABC News’ Terry Moran tweeted: “Federal sources tell ABC News more than a dozen potential bombs shipped to US,distributed on UPS trucks to NY, NJ. Bomb technicians on scene.”

Moran also reports via Twitter: ABC News reports: Potential IEDs shipped from Yemen through Birmingham, England. At least 15 devices believed to have been constructed.

CNN reports that a bomb was found on a UPS plane that originated in Yemen and arrived in the U.S.

Investigators in the United Kingdom found a bomb disguised as a toner cartridge aboard a plane flying from Yemen to Chicago when it stopped in London on Thursday night – one reason for heightened concern at U.S. airports on Friday, a law-enforcement source with detailed knowledge of the investigation said.

Two UPS cargo planes at Philadelphia International Airport and another at Newark International Airport are being examined for questionable shipments, the company said. One of the planes at Philadelphia came from Paris, the other from Cologne, Germany, UPS said. The plane at Newark also arrived from Cologne.


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