comScore Dick Cheney: U.S. Shouldn't Rule Out Military Strike on Iran

Dick Cheney: U.S. Shouldn’t Rule Out Military Strike on Iran

vlcsnap-2015-09-08-12h18m50s760-e1441729212971-300x197In a speech before the American Enterprise Institute, former Vice President Dick Cheney castigated President Barack Obama for indicating that the United States would not use its military to shut down Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

“As soon as President Obama went on Israeli TV and effectively ruled out the option of military force, the Iranians knew that they had won,” Cheney said.

He added that the threat of a military strike would be a far greater deterrent than the threat of increased sanctions: “…[T]hey must understand the U.S. stands ready to take military action to ensure they do not acquire a nuclear weapon.”

Cheney noted that Libya (and Iran, momentarily) halted its nuclear program after the United States invaded Iraq. He also noted that a North Korean nuclear facility in Syria was effectively shut down by an Israeli military option. “In each of these cases, it was either military action or the threat of military action that convinces these rogue regimes to abandon their weapons programs,” he said.

Watch, via C-SPAN.

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