Dog Shoots Pizza Delivery Man, Proving Old Dogs Truly Can Learn New Tricks

dog shoots pizza delivery man with gunA pizza delivery man in Toledo, Ohio was reportedly shot and seriously injured by a dog. Yes, a dog.

According to WTOL, the incident occurred on Friday during a routine delivery. Ryan Brill was about to deliver a pizza when he was allegedly shot in the leg by the dog in question.

The dog’s owner, Anthony Wulf, told police he believed the loaded gun went off when the pet knocked it off of a table.

Several pertinent questions remain, such as:

  • What is the dog’s name?
  • Why was a loaded gun sitting out in the open on a table?
  • Is the dog named “Killer”? (Please, let the dog’s name be “Killer.”)
  • What was on the pizza Brill was delivering, and was it anchovies? (Anchovies are terrible.)
  • If the dog’s name isn’t “Killer,” is he or she going to be called “Killer” after the shooting?
  • Why hasn’t anyone interviewed the local postal worker for his or her input on the matter? (Maybe they know of Killer’s past grievances.)

Meanwhile, horror author Stephen King is plotting a sequel to Cujo.

Check out the trailer above, via Paramount Pictures.

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