Don Lemon Says Conway Deserved Anderson Cooper’s Eye Roll: ‘It Was What Everybody Was Thinking’

Last month, you may remember the kerfuffle that developed in the wake of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s infamous eye roll during an interview with White House counselor Kellyanne Conway. In the days following Cooper’s gesture, Conway claimed it exhibited “sexism” and anti-Trumpism while Fox News hosts mocked Cooper, saying it looked like he “sprained his face.”

More than a month after the fact, Cooper’s colleague Don Lemon was asked about it during an appearance on Netflix’s Chelsea. After host Chelsea Handler played a still frame from the interview, Lemon defended his fellow anchor.

“Don’t you think he sort of — it was what everybody was thinking?” Lemon said.

Handler jumped in, stating she understood why he rolled his eyes but wondering aloud why Cooper didn’t do that “six months ago.”

“You have to have a poker face,” Lemon noted. “Because you know — you know when people are BS-ing you.”

Explaining that “Anderson has a better poker face than I do,” Lemon said that in the case of Conway, “she kept going back to the election.”

He added, “I just think that deserves an eye roll.”

Lemon’s defense of Cooper is almost exactly what CNN’s Chris Cillizza said shortly after the interview when he stated at that time it was “what we were all thinking.”

Watch the clip above, via Netflix.

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