Don Lemon Says He ‘Can Punch Brian Stelter in the Face’ To Make Point About Trump


So this was a thing that happened tonight.

During a spirited CNN panel discussion, anchor Don Lemon got into it a bit with Trump-defending political commentator Jason Miller over the president’s tweet promoting Wednesday night’s broadcast of Fox News’ Hannity. And during the exchange, Lemon used the example of punching a colleague in the face to make a point to Miller.

“Jason, is it appropriate for the President of the United States to promote a single cable news show bashing a special counsel investigation into his campaign?” Lemon asked Miller.

After the former Trump campaign advisor said the president can promote whatever he wants because it is his First Amendment right, Lemon interjected and press him on whether it was appropriate Trump promote Hannity.

“I think he can do it if he wants,” Miller responded. “This is — we’re obviously in a new era here where I think the political paradigm has completely changed.”

“Hang on, hang on — not to cut you off, not to cut you off,” Lemon declared. “I asked you if it was appropriate and you said he can do whatever he wants. I can punch [CNN senior media correspondent] Brian Stelter in the face right now because I can do whatever I want. The question is, is it appropriate for me to do it at all?”

As Lemon continued, telling Miller that he was answering a “different question” and pushing him to address the appropriateness of Trump’s tweet, Stelter comically looked around and feigned concern that Lemon may actually attack him.

“As long as he’s not infringing on somebody else’s rights, I mean, that’s the First Amendment,” Miller said. “Again, let’s not compare you punching Brian, which by the way, you know, Brian’s a tough guy. I mean, I wouldn’t mess with him.”

“Why thank you,” Stelter replied.

Miller went on to talk about how MSNBC works in concert with Democrats so you should expect a “more pro-Trump viewpoint on Fox News,” leading Lemon to grow frustrated with Miller for not answering his question, though Miller he “absolutely did.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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