‘Everybody Gets a Damn Trophy’: Watch Louisville‘s Women’s Hoops Coach Rail Against ‘Participation Trophies’

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-2-33-04-pm-1Jeff Walz, the head coach for the Louisville’s women’s basketball team, wasn’t thrilled about his team’s 78-72 loss to Maryland on Thursday.

And in the postgame news conference, Walz made it very clear that he wasn’t interested in having his players receive a trophy for their effors.

“Not to be too blunt, but you’re a loser,” Walz said. “We’re losers. We got beat. So you lost. There is no trophy for us. But unfortunately, the way these kids are brought up today, there is a trophy. Because nobody wants anybody to have hard feelings.”

Walz went on for several minutes about the idea of “participation trophies,” and said he was trying to teach his players the skills they need to succeed in the real world.

“It’s not just in basketball. It’s in life,” Walz said. “Everybody thinks they should get a job. Everybody thinks they should get a good job. No, that’s not the way it works…With (my job), you lose enough, you get fired. And that’s just the way it is.”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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