Everyone’s Angry at Everyone Else Over Senate Failure to Pass Zika Funding


Here’s one of those something-for-everybody outrages that so often graces us from the halls of Washington.

You would have figured by now Congress would have gotten its act together and passed crucial funding to combat Zika. You would be wrong, because the Senate failed to pass Zika funding tonight.

So who’s to blame? Well, depends on who you ask.

On the one hand, Senate Democrats were the ones that blocked the bill. On the other hand, Republicans included provisions to prevent Planned Parenthood funding and does not include language restricting the display of Confederate flags at Arlington.

So naturally, Senate Republicans are blaming Senate Democrats and vice versa:

And Hawaii Democratic Senator Brian Schatz retweeted these sentiments:

And the rest of Twitter is just as divided:

[image via screengrab]

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