Ex-Baltimore Police Officer Rails Against His Department’s Many Wrongdoings


baltimore police department corruption on twitterFollowing the suspicious death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, Baltimore erupted into a city of peaceful protest turned violent riots, in which demonstrators clashed with police officers on national television. Six officers were eventually indicted. Yet even if anything comes of these charges, many point to the lack of desired results in the court hearings following the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Enter Michael A. Wood Jr., a former Baltimore police officer and member of the United States Marine Corps who’s been calling out the BPD for some time now. In a candid three-hour radio interview back in may, Wood detailed the department’s many failings — including poor management at all levels and entrenched corruption. At one point, Wood concludes that “BPD started the Baltimore riots.”

Yet nothing ever really came of the PhD candidate’s interview and statements — until now. That’s because Wood took to Twitter on Wednesday with a special announcement:

Seems like more talk, but his tweets began just a minute later:

They go on for awhile:

If even one of Wood’s tweets turns out to be true, then it’s a devastating blow to an already-embattled city police department. Especially since everything he mentioned — and it was a lot — spanned on for only 10 minutes’ worth of tweeting. Yet at the end of his run, Wood promised more for Thursday.

BPD responded in a statement questioning the validity of Wood’s tweets, especially since he didn’t mention any “names and addresses” for specific incidents and personnel. Despite this, Det. Shawn Strong said, “We’ll look into this and his background. This is news I’m getting right now.”

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