Facebook Ads: A Gallery Of The Most Perplexing And Absurd Promotions Online

I’m sure we’ve all been there: You’re combing through your elementary school teacher’s boyfriend’s daughter’s mother’s friend’s co-worker’s dentist’s dominatrix’s Facebook albums when, out of the corner of your eye, you spot something… odd. “Is that child possessed? What does this have to do with social work? Would I have to wrangle demon womb trolls were I to pursue such a career?”

Facebook ads are, more often than not, weird. They’ve gotten me to stare and silently mouth, “What the f…,” although I’ve yet been enticed to click on any. I mean, call me crazy, but long, curling, yellow-tipped talons don’t make me want to visit a Brooklyn-area nail salon… Not even when I’m in the midst of planning my next photoshoot in a pumpkin patch.

With that, take a look at Mediaite’s gallery of the best – and weirdest – Facebook ads I stumbled across this morning alone. Gary Glitter, pet psychics and crazy babies, oh my.

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