Far-Right Conspiracy Theorist Heckles Comey at Book Event: ‘You’re Gonna Get Locked Up!’


Laura “Slashed Tire” Loomer, the far-right conspiracy theorist who previously interrupted a Shakespeare play for supposedly being anti-Trump, heckled James Comey at his book event in New York City yesterday, warning the former FBI director that he is “gonna’ get locked up.”

Loomer — whose other greatest hits include spreading conspiracies about the Parkland shooting victims and getting banned from Uber for harassing Muslim drivers — began shouting at Comey in the middle of his speaking event.

Her tirade included telling Comey that he is not “an ethical leader” and will be “prosecuted for” his “transgressions.” The shouting didn’t last long though, as security promptly escorted the professional agitator out of the building so Comey could finish his event.

Loomer, who is a self-declared “investigative journalist,” later took to Twitter to air her grievances.

“Who does @JamesComey think he is to tell me and others what we can and can’t ask?” questioned Loomer regarding Comey’s private event. “I’ll ask him anything I want to ask whenever I want. I won’t allow for my questions to be screened by Comey for approval before hand. It’s about time he answered a REAL QUESTION. Take notes @CNN.”

She also begged President Donald Trump, who fired Comey, to watch the video: “I hope @realDonaldTrump comes across this video on Twitter. I’d love for you to see it Mr. President! #SlipperyJamesComey”

Loomer’s resume includes working for James O’Keefe — the activist who paid a woman to pose as a rape victim in an attempt to negate credible abuse allegations — and launching an “investigation” for the conspiracy site Infowars to prove the Parkland shooting victims were actors.

There is also the time Loomer famously had her tire “slashed.” However, Twitter sleuths quickly pointed out that her tire actually just rotted and did not pop due to nefarious actions, which led Loomer to tweet one of the most iconic phrases of 2017:

“If you won’t stand with me, then I won’t stand with you. I’m not going to defend people I disagree w/ when they won’t defend me and my tire.”

Je suis Laura Loomer’s tire. Je suis tire.

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