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FBI Agent Removed From Russia Probe Over Anti-Trump Texts Also Slammed Bernie and Holder

Much has been made in recent days about FBI agent Peter Strzok and the number of critical texts he sent about Donald Trump to FBI lawyer (and mistress) Lisa Page. In the wake of the news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s dismissed Strzok from the Russia probe over the messages, allies of Trump in the media and on the Hill have pointed to the texts of proof of bias in the Russia investigation.

However, as the Wall Street Journal highlighted on Thursday, Strzok wasn’t just critical of Trump in his correspondence with Page, but he also took aim at well-known Democrats and progressives.

A Reviewi the 300-plus texts that the Justice Department handed over to Congress earlier this week revealed that the agent was no fan of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder or Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea.

Though many of their texts targeted Mr. Trump, others also drew their ire. Over the course of 16 months of correspondence, starting in August 2015 and ending on Dec. 1, 2016, that was culled from their work phones, Mr. Strzok said he loathed Congress and called presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vermont) an “idiot.” He suggested the death penalty was appropriate for Edward Snowden, a National Security Agency contractor who pilfered reams of sensitive information. He said Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, was “self-entitled.” And he described House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) as “a jerky.”

While conservative media has railed against Strzok and the FBI, suggesting that his texts are reason enough to shut down the Mueller probe, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has said he has not seen good cause to fire Mueller.

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