FCC Head’s Final Appeal For Successfully Scrapping Net Neutrality Featured Pizzagate Conspiracist


FCC chair Ajit Pai has finally rammed through his repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules and who the heck knows what happens now.

Pai says everything will be rosy and innovation will once again rule the land, a hoverboard in every pot. Mostly everybody else, however, paints a far grimmer picture, with exorbitant Internet prices, tiered speed lanes and website package deals akin to how cable television works.

This is a big day for Pai, who has long championed rolling back these regulations, ripping the shackles from kindly mega-corporations like Verizon and Comcast, who will use their newfound freedom to improve on the stellar customer service the industry is known for.

Pai wanted this vote so badly, as a matter of fact, that he headed to The Daily Caller HQ to make a video with viral wunderkind, and lover of copy and pasting the work of other writers, Benny Johnson.

The video shows Pai doing a bunch of stupid stuff, as an attempt to assure viewers that they’ll still be able to take selfies and shop after the repeal passes. He even, oddly, participates in the hottest dance craze of 2012, the Harlem Shake, to prove that Internet users will still be able to share memes from a half-decade ago. OK?

Curiously enough, performing the Harlem Shake with Pai is Martina Markota, who gained notoriety as a proponent of the #PizzaGate conspiracy theory, which alleged that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta commanded a shadowy cabal of pedophiles in the back room of a Washington D.C. pizza parlor.

The whole #PizzaGate thing eventually led to an armed man — inspired by alt-right personalities touting the conspiracy — getting arrested for opening fire inside Comet Pizza.

So, essentially, a media outlet created a policy video to help sell the FCC’s rollback of Obama-era net neutrality regulations — and featured a staffer at the outlet known for touting horrifying conspiracy theories. Strange, right?

Of note, the video does not show Pai reading, writing, sharing pertinent information about world events, protesting injustice in any way, donating to fundraising campaigns, communicating with family members or interacting with any independent web entity.

In other words, he thinks everybody on the Internet is a total idiot who lives to Instagram photos of chicken parmesan, not that there’s anything wrong with a piping hot parm.

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