Florida Man Surprises Wife After She Jokingly Lets Him Park Car Inside House During Irma


As people continue to prepare for Hurricane Irma, one Florida resident really surprised his wife when he showed her how far he’d go to protect their vintage car.

According to Mai-Lee Acea, she told her husband Tomas that he could put his Datsun 240Z in their living room since their house doesn’t have a garage. The condition: the car would somehow have to get through their sliding glass doors in order to get inside.

The Aceas have appeared on reality shows like “Bridezilla” and “Marriage Bootcamp,” and Mrs. Acea didn’t think her husband would take her challenge seriously. Miami Herald picked up on a statement where she said she was trying to fake a compromise with her husband, and it should’ve just been a joke.

As it turns out, the joke was on Acea when she found Tomas and her brother-in-law laying down plastic after disassembling the doors.

“What the f*ck did you do to my glass door,” Mai-Lee demanded.

“Where else am I supposed to put ‘the Z,’” Tomas answered.

The car got inside the house well enough, though Mrs. Acea still isn’t happy about being tricked.

“He loves that stupid car more than he loves the rest of us,” she said.

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