Fox Guest: People Encourage College ‘Women to Say They Were Raped When What They Really Were Was Regretful’


In the above video, you’ll see Stuart Taylor, author of Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustice of the Duke Lacrosse Case and The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities. He appeared on Tucker Carlson‘s Fox News Channel show to talk about whether or not the concept of “rape culture” is blown out of proportion.

Carlson pointed out that the currently touted statistics are that one in five or even one in four women is sexually assaulted in her time at college. He associated the prevalence of this statistic with Barack Obama‘s presidential administration, claiming that according to them, “the typical American college is like war-ravaged Syria but with a library.”

Taylor called those statistics “absolute nonsense,” then said that compared to surveys done by private organizations, “[federal surveys] would suggest that 1 in 100 roughly women are raped during their four years in college, five years, and if you add lesser sexual assaults, less serious ones, you’re up to about 1 in 40 or one in 50. That’s way too many, but it’s not the escalating national crisis that the Obama administration pretended it was.”

When Carlson went on to ask about the fate of those accused of sexual assault, Taylor said this:

It’s a Kafka-esque campus kangaroo courts is my word for them. First, lots of people accused of rape or sexual assault on- and off-campus are not guilty, especially on-campus, because there are squadrons of sex bureaucrats at all the colleges in the country who are encouraging women to say they were raped when what they really were was regretful afterwards.

Yes, per Taylor, “squadrons of sex bureaucrats” are encouraging women to lie about rape.

During the Obama administration, Vice President Joe Biden heavily championed an anti-sexual assault initiative.

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