Fox News’ Howard Kurtz: ‘Misstep’ for White House to Post Doctored Video of Jim Acosta


Fox News host Howard Kurtz said on Thursday that while Jim Acosta‘s conduct at President Donald Trump‘s press briefing was out of line, it was a “misstep” for the White House to post a doctored video making it look like he was aggressive with an intern.

“I have never seen a White House correspondent just keep talking after having several questions, refusing to give up the mic,” Kurtz, Fox’s resident media expert, began. “But, with the White House escalating to DEFCON 1 and yanking the credentials, it’s kind of turning Jim Acosta into a journalistic martyr, many in the news business are standing behind him.”

“And it’s shifting the spotlight to what Acosta did to whether the Trump team overreacted,” he added.

Overreact they did. The White House suspended Acosta’s press credentials, and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders posted a doctored video, first circulated by Infowars personalities, in an attempt to cast his interaction with a female White House intern as “inappropriate.”

“Yeah, I think it’s a misstep one the part of the White House to claim that Jim Acosta was laying his hands on this young intern who tried to take the mic away, the contact was very incidental,” Kurtz said. “I also think it was a misstep for Sarah Sanders to tweet out a doctored video, put out by Infowars, the Alex Jones conspiracy site, that kind of made it look more aggressive then it was.”

“His real offense here was being rude, as the president said,” Kurtz added of Acosta.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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