Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Explains Why He Doesn’t Call Seb Gorka ‘Dr.’

During a podcast interview with National Review’s Jamie Weinstein, Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained why he does not use “Dr.” when talking about his colleague and former White House official Sebastion Gorka.

“I don’t write enough about it in the book, but it’s one of the things that drives me craziest about this country, which is that, really, you need an imprimatur from some institution that we’re all pretending is impressive,” Carlson said, the “book” being his latest work, Ship of Fools. “It’s like the Nobel Peace Prize. It doesn’t mean you brought peace to anywhere, it’s just stupid.”

“Like ‘Dr.’ Sebastian Gorka,” quipped Weinstein.

Carlson, interestingly enough, actually agreed with Weinstein’s jab at Gorka for requesting that people refer to him as “Dr.”

“It’s unbelievable. It’s like, I’m not attacking Gorka, but can you take my appendix out? No? Okay, I’m not calling you doctor, how’s that?” Carlson added.

As for Gorka’s actual PhD accreditation, even those have been heavily criticized. While he did receive such a degree, he obtained it in Hungary, where education standards for such a title are much lower. Additionally, Gorka’s PhD adviser said he would not call the Fox News contributor “an expert on terrorism,” even though he has built his brand in conservative media as a counterterrorism pro.

You can listen to the clip above. The relevant part starts at the 36:50 mark.

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