Fox’s Kennedy Likens Clinton to a Serial Killer Who Decapitates Only a Few Streetwalkers

KennedyFox’s Kennedy used a colorful analogy to describe Hillary Clinton’s alleged malfeasance as Secretary of State.

Kennedy’s illustration came after a heated discussion on The Five Wednesday night between Eric Bolling and Juan Williams over a recent AP report, detailing how the majority of Clinton’s meetings with private individuals during the first half of her tenure as Secretary were with people who made large contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

Unpacking her metaphor, Kennedy said: “If I’m a serial killer, and I say to you, ‘I have paid for the services of over 4,000 streetwalkers, and I have only decapitated three of them.’ So that is 3,997 streetwalkers who are still walking the streets and that is a phenomenal number. And you are cherry-picking for ones that no longer breathe or have heads. How dare you? Cherry-picking!”

Williams had been arguing that since the majority of Clinton’s meetings as Secretary of State were with world leaders or were meetings made in the course of her official duties, the emphasis on private individuals from the first half of Clintons tenure in the AP report was cherry-picking.

Williams said Kennedy’s analogy was “fascinating and somewhat scandalous.”

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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